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Investing in the Community

During the beginning of the school year, we often receive donations of schools supplies. Community residents and organizations understand that our children are in need of basic resources and they want to invest in their future. Land of Promise (LOP) has access to the children through our Nourish the Need Food Backpack Program and we link the resources to the schools we serve. This school year we received school supply donations directly from a community member and indirectly from another community member who introduced our program to her employer corporate giving program.

Have you ever met a person that focuses on others and consistently ask, “How can I contribute?” This describes Damita Chatman (pictured above), a charitable leader and President of Walden Park Homeowner Association. She leads the homeowner association into the giving spirit by hosting a food drive on behalf of Nourish the Need Food Backpack Program, she pack backpacks with food at our pantry and donates school supplies. Damita believes that, “Parents need to get involved in the schools and residents need to serve in their community. If they have not done at least 10 hours of service over the course of a year they have not done their share.” Whether it’s donations of food, school supplies, money or volunteerism we cannot do it without selfless community members like Damita. She is a woman of her word and has made an indelible impact in the community and at LOP.

The Westin Buckhead Atlanta CARE committee has discussed what they can do to make a difference outside the Westin property. It is very difficult to find information about in-house corporate giving programs, but Ashley Mathis, introduced our program to the CARE committee. Ashley is a mother of four (4), lives in our community and is an employee at the Westin Buckhead Atlanta, who had the courage to speak up at a CARE meeting.

The Westin Buckhead Atlanta CARE committee has donated schools supplies and plan to made a financial donation to Land of Promise. Amber Gerstenhaber (pictured left), Director of Human Resources at the Westin Buckhead Atlanta said, “We are very dedicated to both our associates well-being as well as our community.” LOP hopes to have a lasting relationship with The Westin Buckhead Atlanta and it will be because Ashley used her voice. Ashley’s actions and the CARE committee have made a difference to our organization and the children we serve.

Nonprofit service in our community is a very humbling and rewarding experience that empowers our community and build relationships. Damita, Ashley and Westin Buckhead CARE committee has demonstrated that service can be performed in varies ways. As we honor two American legends: Aretha Franklin, “The Queen of Soul” and Senator John McCain, they used their gifts in ways that enhanced humanity but, nevertheless, they remained faithful to their communities. Make an investment in your community and start serving today.

“Let’s All Eat Together”

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