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Friends of College Park Host Food Drive

January 6, 2017

Fulton Academy of Science and Technology, Roswell, GA

Rob Keiser & Todd Jones packing food to deliver to Land of Promise's Food Pantry at

College Park Elementary School

Friends of College Park Elementary School, organizers Maya and Rob Keiser, are committed to providing much needed clothes and food for the students at College Park Elementary School.  Land of Promise has been blessed by their generosity of food donations to distribute to the children.

Maya and Rob Keiser, received approval from Annette Higgins, the awesome principal at Fulton Academy of Science and Technology, to host the food drive.  Thank you to everyone that donated, organized, and delivered the food.

Your commitment to support children in Fulton County Schools, who do not have enough food to eat on the weekends when school lunch is not available, is hugely appreciated by our program, the children, their parents, the teachers and our community.


We hope to have an everlasting partnership with Friends of College Park and Fulton Academy of Science and Technology.

Thank you to Friends of College Park and Fulton Academy of Science and Technology

Interested in hosting a food drive please contract us at

PO Box 43021

Atlanta, GA 30336



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