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Learning to Give

During the academic year, the schools that participate in our Nourish the Need Food Backpack Program host a food drive on behalf of the program. This year there was a significant increase in food donations, to a point that, I started asking why. Ms. Dixon, an administrator at Seaborn Lee Elementary, confirmed that their students are learning to give. A lightbulb went off in my head, “Ms. Dixon is right, we can teach giving!” When we teach children the spirit of giving they learn the importance of thinking of others, it brings awareness to the problem, and it allows the students to feel a sense of accomplishment. As the Beta Club at Seaborn Lee Elementary School loaded the bounty of food in the van, we asked the students to tell us in one word what they learned from organizing the food drive.

Seven (7) of our school partners hosted food drives during the second semester of the 2017 – 2018 school year.

Special thanks to:

Banneker High School

Bethune Elementary School

Camp Creek Middle School

College Park Elementary School

Feldwood Elementary School

Seaborn Lee Elementary School

Woodland Elementary School

Sometimes we fail to give simply because we don’t know what to do or we were not taught to give. As parents, we want our children to be grateful for what they have been given and have compassion for others less fortunate. Visit One Tough Job website to discover 25 ways to teach children to give.

Oprah Winfrey stated in that, “Service is her biggest reward and brings her enormous happiness.” The students on the video admitted that organizing a food drive is hard work but also rewarding. Land of Promise believes that the student’s food drive experience is teaching them the initial phase of philanthropy (donating the food) and community service (organizing the food drive). They are learning to recognize that their actions make a positive difference.

“Let’s All Eat Together”

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