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Hunger Doesn’t Care About Who You Are or Where You Come From

My mother’s name is Georgia. She is 82 years old, in good health and mentally sound. Georgia is able to take care of herself: she stills drive, owns a smart phone, goes to church every Sunday, volunteers 40 hours a month and prepares her meals. My siblings and I realize that we are blessed that our mother is self-sufficient. However, it is very difficult for me to witness seniors struggling and it is unimaginable for me to consider that there are seniors who don’t have a sufficient amount of food to eat. According to Feeding America, there are over 5 million senior citizens, age 60 and older, who face hunger.

Many people underestimate the day-to-day struggles of seniors who are trying to make ends meet and have a decent quality of life. Many of our seniors are on fixed incomes, not working, disabled or retired. They rely on food assistance to ensure they have a food supply each month. If you had to choose between purchasing food or medicine, which one would be your choice? This a common question that many of our seniors ask themselves every day.

AARP understands what hunger looks like for our seniors. They are working to provide food to local food banks, enrolling older adults in critical government programs that help provide nutritious meals, and identifying long-term solutions that will help end this solvable problem. Take a moment to watch AARP’s drive to end hunger video:

Hunger doesn’t care about who you are or where you come from. Land of Promise cares. We are currently serving children in our Nourish the Need, a food backpack program. We plan to launch a program to provide supplemental food to seniors this year. Join us.

Let’s All Eat Together

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