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The Mission Continues!


When the pandemic closed schools in March 2020, our Nourish the Need Food Backpack Program was shut down and over 500 children stop receiving weekend meals. Regardless of the circumstances, I still believed that God would provide food for those in need. I also had faith that Land of Promise (LOP) would reorganize to feed the community again, but I did not know how or when this was going to happen.


Simultaneously, the United States government realized that America throws away too much food that needs to be given to food insecure people. Therefore, The Food Donation Improvement Act was signed into law by President Biden on January 5, 2023. This law grant liability protections to qualified donors who donate food to people in need of food to eat.


As a result, on February 24, 2023, LOP implemented “Too Good to Toss”, a food rescue program designed to reduce food waste by redirecting nutritious surplus food to those in need. This food is currently being distributed to homeless shelters. Our goal is to also repackage this food to donate to senior citizens who often struggle with hunger.


The mission continues and on January 30, 2024, LOP was awarded $20,000, an installment for our food mobile pantry. Your support is key to helping us purchase our mobile food pantry. Please donate any amount at LOP’s mission to bring awareness, inspire hope and develop programs to address food inequities in Greater Atlanta, will continue with your generosity. Thank you for your financial commitment and prayers.



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