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Something As Simple As Food Can Transform a Life

Often we hear about the behavior and emotional problems that some of our children are experiencing. When we encounter these behaviors in our department stores, at school or hear about it on TV, we rapidly categorize them as, “bad children.” We don’t consider the reasons for their actions. Could it be that some of these children are hungry, and something as simple as food can transform their lives?

According to a research report commissioned by Feeding America and The ConAgra Foods Foundation, child hunger and food insecurity contribute to health problems, educational problems and workforce problems. For more information on their findings please visit:

Health Problems:

  • Hungry children incur developmental impairments that limit their physical, intellectual and emotional development.

  • Children experiencing food insecurities are at a greater risk of becoming overweight and developing chronic health conditions, (i.e. anemia and asthma). Additionally, childhood food insecurity has a negative impact on the emotional and cognitive skills of young children.

Educational Problems:

  • Children that lack food nutrition tend to have lower academic achievement. In most instances, this lower academic achievement can be attributed to hungry, they are not well prepared for school because of hunger and cannot focus or concentrate because of the hunger.

  • Hungry children have more social and behavioral problems because they feel bad, have less energy for complex social interactions, and cannot adapt as effectively to environmental stresses.

Workforce Problems:

  • Children that are hungry tend not to be as well prepared physically, mentally, emotionally or socially to perform effectively in today’s workforce.

  • Workers who experienced hunger as children create a workforce pool that is less competitive, has lower levels of educational and technical skills, and seriously constrained human capital.

Behavior Problems:

  • According to Feeding America, children who experience food insecurity may be at greater risk of truancy and school tardiness.

  • These children tend to have more social and behavior problems: fighting, hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, mood swings, and bullying.

Land of Promise offers varying donation levels to provide the opportunity for everyone to transform the lives of children. These donations will assist by providing the children food to eat on the weekends when school meals are not available. Hopefully, the next time you encounter those “bad children” you will consider that they could possibly be hungry. Food is a source for their growth, health, and development which ensures them a brighter future.

“Let’s All Eat Together”

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